Security as a service

Businesses can adopt security as a service by either outsourcing complex security solutions to a third-party security service provider or by using cloud-based security solutions. Both approaches have their advantages. Using cloud-based security solutions allow internal IT (information technology) departments to deliver superior protection while being more agile. Outsourcing security allows businesses to rely on experts to manage, monitor, and maintain their cyberprotection. In both scenarios, SECaaS allows IT departments to focus on core business initiatives instead of spending their time configuring new security tools and constantly monitoring potential threats.

IT management and security services used to be a function that typically remained in-house. Last minute efforts were given to checking firewalls, patching software, and securing the network perimeter. Today, the perimeter is changing – and in some cases even disappearing – which is making it even harder to protect. This is mainly because there are more threats and more people working remotely who are accessing applications directly from the cloud — bypassing standard security measures, exposing your data, and making it more important than ever to have superior protection.

How is using SECaaS and cloud-based solutions a better alternative to managing your own security?

SECaaS makes security easier and more affordable for businesses. Security needs are changing every day and most IT teams aren’t able to keep up while also handling day-to-day business needs. This is why the adoption of SECaaS and managed, cloud security solutions is skyrocketing. According to a recent survey, 80% of organizations’ IT budgets will be dedicated to cloud computing services within the next 16 months — with security as a service taking the second biggest slice of spending. So, why are businesses outsourcing their security and moving to managed security from the cloud?

  • Lower costs. The old way of securing a network is expensive. Upfront hardware costs, along with updates and repairs can have an overwhelming price tag for any business. Cloud-based security services delivered through a single cloud-based platform allow businesses to have superior protection easily and affordably.
  • Easy management. Security service providers do the complex security work for you. You can handover total management of your security solutions, policies, and administrative work to your provider or provision your own security services from a cloud-based console that allows you to deploy, manage, and monitor your security portfolio.
  • Better protection. You get the latest, greatest security tools available with cloud-based protection. Businesses gain access to scalable, robust, and cost-effective security solutions that are continuously updated and equipped to handle the latest threats and provide the best protection.
  • Save time. Your IT team can focus on immediate business needs instead of spending hours patching software, securing the network and perimeter, and managing antivirus on devices.

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