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Avast Business offers protection for Windows 7 after Microsoft ends support

Avast Business Continues Antivirus Protection for Microsoft Windows 7 Partners and SMBs

11 February 2020 10 min read

Winning the battle against cybercrime with limited resources

Three IT pros speak out about the best strategies for fighting today’s cybercriminals Richard Papasian still remembers his first experience with ransomware. As the owner and sole employee of The Guru, an IT services business in Los Angeles, Richard brings over two decades of software, hardware, security, and networking expertise. Even with his...

10 February 2020 25 min read

How To Turn Your MSP Customers Into Raving Fans

Three ways to transform the customer experience and build a loyal client base

31 January 2020 13 min read

IT Security

5 ways IT service providers can boost security sales

Generating consistent, recurring revenue and finding new ways to continuously provide value to customers is something that many IT providers struggle with.

07 January 2020 16 min read

IT pros share insights to keep modern networks safe

Web threats, mobile workers, and cloud apps add to challenges

26 November 2019 15 min read


Industry Pros Gather for IT Nation – Cybersecurity a Top Priority

As information technology professionals gather in Orlando, Florida for one of the IT industry’s biggest conferences – cybersecurity stands out as a key priority.  

24 October 2019 3 min read

Network Security

Is All in One Really All You Need from Your UTM Appliance?

On premise and UTM security appliances often offer "all in one" protection. When in fact, most appliances sized for the mid-market fail to provide the essentials layers of security to adequately protect your clients. If you are using or planning to use an on-premise security appliance to keep your customers safe from cyberthreats, here are a...

05 September 2019 6 min read

Is Antivirus Protection Necessary for My Business?

With threats like ransomware, businesses can’t afford to leave their networks and data unsecured

03 May 2019 14 min read

IT Security

San Diego school chooses Avast Business for advanced threat detection

Calvary Christian Academy saves hours each month using cloud-based console and achieves 100% improvement in threat detection caused by human error

30 April 2019 8 min read


Avast Business is Now 100% Focused on Layered Security for SMBs

In early February, we announced that our Managed Workplace product line had been acquired by Barracuda Networks, a leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions.

25 April 2019 5 min read
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