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Daryll Swager

Daryll Swager

Daryll has been in the IT industry since 1993. He's been in both technical, support, operations, and marketing roles during his career. He is currently employed by Avast Business as a Digital Marketing Manager.

Articles by author

Network Security

The Hidden Costs of Network Security and UTM Appliances for SMBs

The interesting and attractive part of a network security appliance is that you can just plug it in to your network, get it configured, purchase a support contract with your hardware vendor, and then you're all set. When one takes a look with a focus on other costs, however, the flaws and blemishes become clear. Let's take a look at some of...

21 August 2019 8 min read


Cybersecurity: Weather is Becoming More Extreme for SMBs

Weather patterns and trends have always peaked my interest. Although, this year's seasonal changes and extreme weather seem more unpredictable than ever. For example...

15 April 2019 6 min read

IT Security

3 Keys to Security Risk Assessment: Devices, Data, and People

Defending your organization from cyber attacks can be daunting. For small and medium enterprises, the problem is exacerbated by limited resources and funding. Evaluating and assessing your risk of a breach can often take a back seat to reacting when it does happen.

22 February 2019 10 min read

Cybersecurity as a Commodity: Making Sense of a Myriad of Choices

There's an abundance of noise in the cybersecurity business today. 1200-ish vendors jumping up and down, sending you LinkedIn requests, and spending gobs of money to get your attention.

20 February 2019 6 min read

Network Security

Dangerous Data: Prevention vs. Reaction

It was early September of 2017. I muttered under my breath as I tried to confirm my data's involvement in the Equifax hack. The website was slow; I had jumped on immediately after hearing the news, along with tens of millions of other Americans. At that point, I was concerned that my personal data had been compromised. After multiple tries to...

29 January 2019 7 min read

Avast Business

A Brush with a Tech Giant: How I Learned to Love My Customers

It was 1994, another regular day at the office, or so I thought…

08 January 2019 8 min read

Network Security

Beyond the Cloud-Based Secure Web Gateway

I recently sat down with Gill Langston to talk about Avast's Secure Web Gateway (SWG) technology, and a peek into his philosophy about the changing cybersecurity landscape.  He's a sharp guy, has been a product manager for a long time in the security space, and as such veered from topic to topic and very verbosely answered my questions, just...

01 November 2018 10 min read

IT Security

Saving Private Data: Cybersecurity Rules of the Road for Non-Technical Employees

I recently moved to North Carolina to join the team here at Avast.  Since I moved from out of state, I got to go through the traditional ritual.... almost 9 hours in the DMV to get licensed to drive and vote. Granted, I may have picked a bad day to go, but at least I got a cool study guide about road signs... great reading for about three...

26 October 2018 8 min read

IT Security

Simple Questions to Avoid CEO Phishing Scams

I've gotten two direct emails from our CEO since I joined Avast in mid-June, and one of them was a phishing email. That's a 50% scam attempt rate right there.

05 October 2018 8 min read

A Brief History of the Block Page

The Rise of Content Filtering and Secure Web Gateway Functionality Aren't content filtering and secure web gateways the same? We get that question a lot here Avast Business, and we could spend a lot of time pointing at Reddit and Slashdot arguments about this. Some folks think it's just marketing mumbo-jumbo, and some think the technologies...

20 September 2018 8 min read
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