Avast Business is Now 100% Focused on Layered Security for SMBs

In early February, we announced that our Managed Workplace product line had been acquired by Barracuda Networks, a leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions.

25 April 2019 5 min read


Nonprofit agency gains better protection, pricing, and support with switch to Avast Business Antivirus

Umatilla-Morrow Head Start Inc. experiences night and day difference using AV and management console.

24 April 2019 9 min read


Risks IoT security issues bring to businesses

The Internet of Things (IoT) can increase efficiency, but it also comes with new risks. Find out why and how to protect your business in our article.

23 April 2019 15 min read

IT Security

A Guide To Business Endpoint Security

Find out why it’s essential to protect your company’s endpoint devices.

19 April 2019 18 min read


Web Threats Affecting SMBs in 2019

Learn more about how web threats are evolving and becoming more intelligent.

18 April 2019 14 min read


Cybersecurity: Weather is Becoming More Extreme for SMBs

Weather patterns and trends have always peaked my interest. Although, this year's seasonal changes and extreme weather seem more unpredictable than ever. For example...

15 April 2019 6 min read

The Kishan Group protects staff and guests from web threats with Avast Business Secure Web Gateway

Hospitality enterprise gains easy-to-use network protection with Secure Web Gateway.

14 March 2019 9 min read


Cybersecurity Monitor (Vol. 16): SMB Stats, Stories and News

We scour the internet every week here at The Monitor, to stay up-to-date on IT security news. The result is a focused, curated collection of the latest cybersecurity news, stories and reports as it relates to businesses with anywhere from 2 to 2000 employees.

05 March 2019 8 min read

IT Security

3 Keys to Security Risk Assessment: Devices, Data, and People

Defending your organization from cyber attacks can be daunting. For small and medium enterprises, the problem is exacerbated by limited resources and funding. Evaluating and assessing your risk of a breach can often take a back seat to reacting when it does happen.

22 February 2019 10 min read

Cybersecurity as a Commodity: Making Sense of a Myriad of Choices

There's an abundance of noise in the cybersecurity business today. 1200-ish vendors jumping up and down, sending you LinkedIn requests, and spending gobs of money to get your attention.

20 February 2019 6 min read
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