A Brief History of the Block Page

The Rise of Content Filtering and Secure Web Gateway Functionality Aren't content filtering and secure web gateways the same? We get that question a lot here Avast Business, and we could spend a lot of time pointing at Reddit and Slashdot arguments about this. Some folks think it's just marketing mumbo-jumbo, and some think the technologies...

20 September 2018 8 min read

IT Security

Keep Your Work Family Safe with Layered Security

Today is day 90 for me at Avast Business. I've recently transitioned from leading a team of great people to becoming an individual contributor again, and have adopted a whole new group of work family members.  We have a crazy talented group here at Avast.

10 September 2018 6 min read

Low IT Security Visibility: Avast Business Can Help

We've been talking to our Small and Medium Business (SMB) customers lately about their IT Security posture.  Surprisingly, a lot of folks are saying that they're either too busy or don't have the right tools to know whether they're vulnerable to a cyber attack.  That's an uncomfortable position to be in, especially if you're responsible for...

29 August 2018 6 min read

Network Security

Proving the ROI of Better Network Security to your C-Level Executive

Let's face it:  Explaining the value of better network security for your growing organization can be tough.  Executives are hopefully guiding a growing company towards enterprise level, and your org has already reached over 300 employees.  

10 August 2018 4 min read

IT Pros Turn to the Cloud to Speed the Transition to Managed Security

CloudCare's central portal, by Avast Business, provides SMBs with the key services for great IT Security. In the race to stay ahead of new cyberthreats and unexpected security issues for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), how can IT specialists and service providers continue to grow revenue, win new business, and compete effectively?...

23 July 2018 10 min read
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