Network Security

Dangerous Data: Prevention vs. Reaction

It was early September of 2017. I muttered under my breath as I tried to confirm my data's involvement in the Equifax hack. The website was slow; I had jumped on immediately after hearing the news, along with tens of millions of other Americans. At that point, I was concerned that my personal data had been compromised. After multiple tries to...

29 January 2019 7 min read

Network Security

Beyond the Cloud-Based Secure Web Gateway

I recently sat down with Gill Langston to talk about Avast's Secure Web Gateway (SWG) technology, and a peek into his philosophy about the changing cybersecurity landscape.  He's a sharp guy, has been a product manager for a long time in the security space, and as such veered from topic to topic and very verbosely answered my questions, just...

01 November 2018 10 min read

IT Security

Keep Your Work Family Safe with Layered Security

Today is day 90 for me at Avast Business. I've recently transitioned from leading a team of great people to becoming an individual contributor again, and have adopted a whole new group of work family members.  We have a crazy talented group here at Avast.

10 September 2018 6 min read

Network Security

Proving the ROI of Better Network Security to your C-Level Executive

Let's face it:  Explaining the value of better network security for your growing organization can be tough.  Executives are hopefully guiding a growing company towards enterprise level, and your org has already reached over 300 employees.  

10 August 2018 4 min read