Network Security

Is All in One Really All You Need from Your UTM Appliance?

Your appliance vendor will tell you that their UTM security appliance offers "all in one" protection. Most of them are exaggerating at best. In fact, most UTM appliances sized for the mid-market do not have enough layers of security to adequately protect your business. If you're considering using an appliance, and your vendor has used this...

05 September 2019 6 min read

Network Security

The Hidden Costs of Network Security and UTM Appliances for SMBs

The interesting and attractive part of a network security appliance is that you can just plug it in to your network, get it configured, purchase a support contract with your hardware vendor, and then you're all set. When one takes a look with a focus on other costs, however, the flaws and blemishes become clear. Let's take a look at some of...

21 August 2019 8 min read


Is your small business being targeted by supply chain hackers?

Find out how to protect your business from being the weak security link in the digital supply chain

06 August 2019 18 min read

Looking for a better patch management strategy? We have you covered

We stepped up to the patching challenge with the release of our new Avast Business Patch Management Service

17 June 2019 6 min read


Saint Gertrude High School improves efficiency with Avast Business patch management

Centrally managed antivirus improves security services for a one-person IT department at this Virginia high school

17 June 2019 8 min read

A Guide to Defense in Depth for SMBs

How does a defense in depth strategy help SMBs?

06 June 2019 10 min read

e-support AG increases customer base using Avast Business CloudCare

Swiss MSP credits layered security and flexible payment model as key advantages

05 June 2019 8 min read

IT Security

Rain Networks grows business 200% with Avast Business CloudCare

CloudCare helps its MSP clients gain competitive edge by delivering critical security services from one platform.  

23 May 2019 9 min read

Is Antivirus Protection Necessary for My Business?

With threats like ransomware, businesses can’t afford to leave their networks and data unsecured

03 May 2019 14 min read

IT Security

San Diego school chooses Avast Business for advanced threat detection

Calvary Christian Academy saves hours each month using cloud-based console and achieves 100% improvement in threat detection caused by human error

30 April 2019 8 min read
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