Powerful, layered online security services for small and medium businesses.


Connect securely to any managed device

Use our free remote support tool to connect securely to any device with the CloudCare agent installed and remotely resolve issues, perform tasks, reboot computers, transfer files, chat with users, and more.

Monitor threats from a single dashboard

Configure alerts based on specific device actions and monitor from a centralized alert dashboard for full transparency into individual device issues as well as threats that might be spreading among connected devices.

DNS Level Cloud Based Threat Protection with Secure Web Gateway
Device and Policy Management - Automatically Manage IT Security

Deploy layered, enterprise-grade IT security services

With CloudCare, you can deliver a range of IT security services that provide complete, in-depth protection against all forms of malware and other cyberthreats -- whether they originate from inside or outside the network via email, websites, or the Internet.

CloudCare Features

Detailed Reporting

Intuitive Dashboard

View all alerts at-a-glance, address issues, and provide the information you need to make informed decisions, add services, and take speedy action to increase uptime, stability, and security

Task Automation

Device and Policy Management

Manage security for all devices with the CloudCare agent. Policy changes will automatically configure themselves on the agent-controlled devices in real time, requiring less maintenance and making it easier to scale business operations.

Avast Endpoint Protection

Comprehensive Reporting

Gather data from service overviews, alert summaries, and content filtering and generate easy-to-read, detailed activity reports with the click of a button.

Behavior Shield

Real-Time Alerting

Configure alerts based on specific device actions, and monitor on a centralized alert dashboard.  This allows full transparency into individual device issues as well as threats that might be spreading among your connected devices.

CloudCare Security Services



Managed Antivirus

Install antivirus services across multiple offices and devices with a single command and manage centrally from an easy-to-read dashboard that lets you see everything, fix issues automatically, quickly reinstall security software, and schedule system scans to ensure everyone has the most up‑to‑date protection.

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Secure Web Gateway

Provided in partnership with Zscaler, Avast's Secure Web Gateway service stops attacks before they start, and can sterilize malware that is active or trying to become active on your network.  This service is provided in the cloud, powered by one of the largest DNS threat protection networks in the world, and requires no in-house proxy servers or appliances.

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Secure Internet Gateway

Provide complete Internet Security, reduce backhaul and appliance costs, and protect your devices and data worldwide.

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Backup and Recovery

Avoid costly downtime with a range of backup and recovery solutions that protect files, applications, servers, and more.

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Email Security

Securely communicate inbox to inbox with public encryption keys that are retrieved and distributed transparently for easy encryption.

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