On-premise security appliances that worked in the past are not working in today's cloud-driven world


Long Distance SSL Inspection


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All of the above increase latency, cost, and risk.

Our latest guide on this complex topic will help you:

  • Learn why full SSL inspection is mission-critical, and the reasons why so few businesses have it turned on.

  • Explore why on-premise appliances designed for the small to mid-market will put your business at risk.

  • Find out the pitfalls and hidden costs of UTM appliances when your business has one or more branch offices.

  • Learn why today's cloud-based world requires cloud-based solutions to resolve these security challenges.

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Appliances only protect some of the people, some of the time

Many workers connect outside of the office perimeter on a variety of private and guest networks. Network Security and UTM appliances have limitations that make it difficult or impossible to protect all of the people, all of the time.

At Avast Business, our network security services fully protect everyone, no matter where they are or how they connect to the Internet.

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Appliances only protect some of your data

Rapid adoption of cloud-based applications such as Office 365 have further broken the office perimeter, and digital transformation efforts have moved large volumes of company data to cloud storage. Security appliances struggle to keep up with performance demands, often don’t inspect SSL traffic, and in some cases fail to protect cloud repositories at all.

At Avast Business, content inspection (including SSL) is processed in the cloud nearly instantly, and all company data is protected from cyber attacks whether that data resides on the company network or in the cloud.

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SMB appliances do not provide enterprise-grade protection

Security vendors often sell pared-down versions of their enterprise appliances to the small to mid-market.  These appliances typically lack a small handful of crucial features, don’t scale well with a growing business, or don’t provide enterprise-level protection.

Avast Business has partnered with Zscaler, the global leader in cloud-based network security, to provide enterprise-grade network security features that were previously unavailable to SMBs. 

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SMB Appliances don't have the latest security lists

With new malware being released more quickly than ever, most appliances simply cannot keep up. Threat definitions can often take several business days (or longer, depending on internal resources), and a single critical missed update can make the difference between protection and a breach.

At Avast Business our threat updates are delivered via a cloud-based service. When a new threat is discovered, definitions are centrally delivered to all devices on the threat network, nearly instantly.


"All in One" UTM appliances really aren't all you need

Most UTMs sized for the mid-market will not perform some critical features, such as integrated email security, endpoint antivirus, or patch management. All of these are key components for well-rounded security, and some businesses are forced to purchase additional point solutions to plug those gaps.

At Avast Business, every layer of security you would need, from endpoint to full internet security, can be delivered and managed centrally within a single platform.  Try that with an appliance!


Appliances have several hidden costs

When you purchase an appliance, your cost of ownership is far from over. Hidden costs include hot spare backups, upgrades for your growing business, support and maintenance costs from your hardware vendor, leased MPLS lines or duplicate hardware for branch offices, HVAC/utility costs for cooling and power, and company personnel needed for maintenance and repairs.

At Avast Business, we provide unparalleled uptime, can scale with your business, and require no computing resources to run our service. If you open a new branch office, you simply connect that office to our service, purchase new licenses for your growing business, and only pay for the services you need, when you need them.