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Start protecting your customers with a powerful, cloud-based next-gen firewall

Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) replaces traditional hardware by delivering powerful cloud-based firewall capabilities 100% from our global cloud network. We ensure your network security is always on, always updating, and always protecting your business unlike any other SMB service. SIG eliminates the gaps in protection caused by legacy, on-premise security hardware.

The all-new technology improves your security posture, reduces overall service costs, and increases take and adoption rates.

We’ve combined forces with Zscaler, the leading provider of enterprise cloud firewall networks, to offer the first enterprise-grade, cloud firewall created specifically for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). This means you get enterprise-grade security – all at a price that fits within your clients' budget. 

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Key Features & Benefits


  • Fast, full SSL inspection across all ports and protocols
  • Cloud Sandboxing for executable, zip, and DLL file types
  • Cloud Firewall with DPI and flexible rules
  • Largest global firewall network with over 150 data centers. Performance from any remote location is lightning fast
  • Our threat network processes up to 65 billion transactions per day. New threats detected anywhere in the world update instantly 125,000 times per day
  • Company security policies stay with your users no matter where they are in the world
  • No performance degradation for remote offices, mobile users, and remote workers
  • Mobile user protection for Windows, MacOS, Android devices
  • Scales with your business. You’ll never run out of capacity
  • Dozens of pre-configured policies or customize to fit the specific needs of your business
  • Eliminate latency and greatly reduce backhaul costs
  • Full Content and URL Filtering
  • Contextual threat visibility
  • Active Directory Integration
  • SLA: 99.999% availability and 100ms or less average latency

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Improved Security Posture with full SSL Inspection

Chances are, your business carries a huge security risk caused by non-inspection of encrypted data. Avast Business greatly reduces the many current issues with deployment and certificate support for SSL decryption and inspection. SSL decryption issues also include performance degradation caused by appliance sizing issues and bandwidth bottlenecks.

Avast Business also closes huge gaps by extending protection to mobile workers, branch offices, and devices outside the four walls of the central office.

Cost Reduction with a Simple Design

The new service would require fewer security and support experts per customer (more with less). In addition, the service doesn’t require new appliances, appliance installations, or on-site truck rolls. Firmware upgrades, H/A spares, and associated hosting costs are now a thing of the past.

After pointing traffic to the Avast Business cloud, security can be managed remotely using our cloud-based console for endpoint and network security. Once set up, the costs to support and manage security is radically easier.





Improved Take Rates

If you’re one of our MSP or MSSP partners, our new service will increase customer take and retention rates through a managed service that bundles and works well with your other services. We eliminate the up-front hardware costs, security experts, network changes and long-term commits that scare customers away.


MSP quickstart program

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SSL Inspection
URL & Content  Filtering 
File Type Control
Malware Prevention
Reputation-Based Threat Protection
Standard Cloud Firewall 
Standard Cloud Sandbox
Cloud App Control
Mobile Application Reporting & Control
Bandwidth Control
Advanced Threat Protection
Web Access Control
Advanced Cloud Firewall
Advanced Cloud Sandbox
Data Loss Prevention & Exact Data Match 
Browser Control

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