Redefine Your Perimeter

Your employees are on the road or working remotely, using cloud applications and storage for productivity.  If the users aren’t behind your firewall anymore, how are they being protected?

Features & Benefits

Cloud security allows company security policies to stay with users regardless where they are located.

Always on, Even on the Road

Avast Business has partnered with Zscaler, a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Gateway technology, to provide always-on Internet Security to your users regardless of location.

By delivering Internet Security via a cloud-based service, your company security policies stay with your users no matter where they are in the world.

Eliminate Latency and Backhaul Costs

The traditional office defense strategy for protecting corporate networks was designed to keep the people in the building safe, but may cause performance degradation for remote offices, mobile users, and remote workers.  Delivering Internet Security in the cloud improves performance for all users worldwide.

Using a cloud service also eliminates the need to backhaul traffic from remote offices, allowing you to break free from costly appliances, hardware refresh schedules, and network administration.

Cloud service improves protection and performance.
Robust firewall capabilities in the cloud.

The Firewall Redefined

Deliver powerful firewall capabilities in the cloud, including:

  • Full SSL inspection across all ports and protocols

  • Sandboxing for executable, zip, and DLL file types

  • Cloud Firewall, Content and URL Filtering

  • File Type Control

Fully Integrated

Avast provides you with the tools, giving you more time to innovate and transform your security stack. Choose from dozens of pre-configured policies or customize to fit the Internet Security needs of your business, and enjoy contextual threat visibility from day one.

Pre-configured policies or customize to fit the internet security needs of your business.
Our threat network processes up to 50 billion transactions per day.

Unlimited Capacity

Secure Internet Gateway scales with your business, and offers great responsiveness worldwide.  With over 100 data centers, performance from any location is lightning fast, and you’ll never run out of capacity.  

Our threat network processes up to 50 billion transactions per day at peak periods. New threats detected anywhere in the ecosystem make their way to the entire network nearly instantly.

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