Secure Web Gateway

Well Rounded DNS Protection in the Cloud

Blocking access to known bad websites, downloads, and locations is at the cornerstone of Avast’s Secure Web Gateway service.  Our service allows you to prevent attacks from coming in, while also helping to sterilize attacks that are either active or trying to become active.

This functionality brings layered security to a new level in the CloudCare platform, our cloud-based management interface. 

We already had your east-west traffic covered with our world-class Business Antivirus, now we’re covering your north-south traffic in the same place, at the same time!


Features & Benefits

Web Security that Scales with You

We Scale with You

Are you able to keep up with your business? 

Answering this question is a tough one for IT security specialists. We can help cross web security off of your list of growing pains.

Our threat network is geographically dispersed in over 100 data centers, on five different continents.  We draw from dozens of top threat feeds around the world too, and these feeds act as always-awake security guards, observing, processing, and reporting on around 30 billion requests per day

A Service that Learns in Real-Time

When an uncategorized web address is accessed via our service, a proxy of that content is staged and the site gets inspected for threats.  Once this inspection is complete, the site gets categorized and classified in one of dozens of pre-configured categories.  There is power for the whole ecosystem in this, because making an unknown site into a known good or bad site has an impact first for your org, and then for the threat network.

Large Threat Network That Learns in Real Time
Powerful Cloud Based Security Perimeter

The Power of the Cloud-Based Perimeter

On a more traditional network, protection can often stop at the on-premise firewall.  These appliances and technologies play a crucial role in layered security, and are very purpose-built.  User applications and company data are increasingly being moved and stored in the cloud, so now the challenge has shifted from avoiding attacks on internal networks, to avoiding cyberattacks and data breaches in general.  Offering web protection by pointing your DNS to our service gives you that perimeter, for all Windows devices with the CloudCare agent installed, and for every device connected to your networks.

Secure Your Networks from Unmanaged and Guest Devices

With Secure Web Gateway, every device that logs on to a guest or private company network uses the company security policy for web access.  This is ideal for companies that have a maturing BYOD policy or multiple guest networks, because any device that logs in is protected from the web threats via DNS.  This web security measure keeps your company network protected from devices that have an active infection, by identifying and blocking the sites it might be trying to access to download malicious files or scripts.

Secure Your Network from Guest Devices
Secure Managed Devices on Any Network

Secure a Managed Device Anywhere, on Any Network

Windows devices that have the CloudCare agent installed with Secure Web Gateway enabled can enforce the company’s network policy regardless of what network to which the device is connected.  You can be logged on at a coffee shop with your CloudCare protected device, and get the same level of DNS network protection as you would on your company network.  You’ll still get policy updates and threat network updates too if the agent is running.

Geography plays a role here as well.  Your managed device will connect to the nearest data center for your DNS protection, giving you great performance no matter where you are.

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