Advanced, Cloud-Based Web Protection

Secure Web Gateway service provides cloud-based web protection for all employees and devices whether they are in or out of the office.

Simply point your DNS requests to the Avast network and free yourself from the complexity and overhead of traditional proxy servers and on-premise appliances. Avast’s SWG even protects roaming and guest workers as well.

Our cloud SWG service, provided in partnership with the Zscaler threat network, blocks access to malware and bad locations on the web using advanced, layered technologies and deep content inspection.

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Web Security that Scales with You

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fast blocking of known bad sites, with over 125,000 cloud updates per day
  • Lightning fast SSL protection that eliminates certificate support headaches
  • Mobile and guest worker protection outside the traditional office perimeter
  • Unknown and suspicious sites are fully proxied and sandboxed
  • Content filtering with 30 super-categories, 90 categories
  • Block, Allow and Whitelist capabilities
  • High Availability network at no extra cost and 99.99% uptime SLA
  • SLA for 2ms or less average latency!
  • 15 minute install and setup

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Close Your SSL Security Gap!

Most businesses today, including those running the latest appliances, are not inspecting SSL traffic due to security certificate support headaches and network latency issues.

Avast’s SWG inspects encrypted traffic without the performance deterioration and certificate issues. Up to 80% of business web traffic (along with a majority of threats) are now encrypted so this is the single most important security gap to close. The Avast SWG service seamlessly inspects SSL traffic without latency, certificate headaches and importantly - without requiring any additional hardware or software.

Large Threat Network That Learns in Real Time
Powerful Cloud Based Security Perimeter

Most Advanced, Layered Cyber Security

Avast SWG connects to a real-time network that has dozens of threat feeds and data collected from over 120 data centers worldwide. SWG analyzes your traffic using multiple security analysis engines, and automatically blocks any viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, system monitors, or keyloggers. Leveraging artificial intelligence, SWG blocks malware with up to 125,000 updates per day.

Deep content inspection is performed on suspicious sites to block malicious active content such as browser exploits and vulnerable ActiveX controls. The SWG database consists of known malicious objects and sites on the Internet, and in near real time blocks any attempts to connect to them.

Meet Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

Prevent legal liabilities and reputation damage with powerful policy enforcement. Protects your organization by restricting the content and sites that your employees and guest Wi-Fi users are allowed to access. “Safe search” feature helps ensure browser results contain no inappropriate or offensive content or images. Avast’s SWG also helps ensure compliance with US and EU privacy laws, health and financial information, confidentiality regulations, the Child Internet Protection Act, and more.

Secure Your Network from Guest Devices
Secure Managed Devices on Any Network

Simple to Deploy

Avast SWG is simple to deploy and manage across multiple locations, and can be set up in minutes by simply pointing your gateways or hotspots to our security cloud. Devices are automatically directed to the nearest data center for lightning fast connections anywhere in the world.

Avast Cloud-Based Security Platform

All Avast Cybersecurity services are easily managed and delivered through CloudCare, our Cloud Based Security Platform. Monitor threats from a single dashboard and easily deploy layered, enterprise-grade IT security. Use our free remote support tool to connect securely to any device and remotely resolve issues. Additional cybersecurity options within CloudCare include: Cloud Backup, Managed Antivirus, and Email Security.

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How Will Avast's Secure Web Gateway Benefit Your Business, MSP, or MSSP?

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