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Advanced, Cloud-Based Web Protection

Point your DNS requests to us and free yourself from the complexity and overhead of traditional proxy servers and on-premise appliances. 
Provided in partnership with the Zscaler threat network, Secure Web Gateway blocks access to malicious sites using advanced, layered technologies and deep content inspection.




Close the SSL security gap

Most solutions providers are failing to inspect SSL traffic due to security certificate support headaches and network latency issues.

SWG seamlessly inspects SSL traffic without latency, certificate headaches, and most importantly - without requiring any additional hardware or software.

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Meet Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

Secure Web Gateway protects your organization by restricting the content and sites that your employees and Wi-Fi users are allowed to access.

“Safe search” feature helps ensure browser results contain no inappropriate or offensive content or images. Avast’s SWG also helps ensure compliance with US and EU privacy laws, health and financial information, confidentiality regulations, the Child Internet Protection Act, and more.

Simple to Deploy

The service is simple to deploy and manage across multiple locations, and can be set up in minutes.

Devices are automatically directed to the nearest data center for lightning fast connections anywhere in the world.


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