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Moving your clients or office to remote work?

Our network security solutions deliver enterprise-grade, cloud-based security to protect SMBs from threats – no matter where they connect

Why Avast Business Network Security?

  • Fast, full SSL inspection across all ports and protocols
  • Cost-effective, enterprise-level security for SMBs 
  • Power to scale your business without spending more on equipment, staff, or maintenance
  • Always-on protection that is always learning and updating
  • Start delivering total protection immediately
  • Proven technology built on one of the largest, most globally dispersed threat detection networks in the world

Secure Internet Gateway

Reliable, always-on protection to secure everyone in your network – no matter where they are in the world or how they connect to the internet.

  • No hardware to install or maintain
  • Fast SSL decryption with full inspection
  • Traffic inspected across all ports and protocols
  • Cloud sandboxing to scan files and downloads
  • Cloud firewall, with DPI and granular rules 
  • Full URL filtering to block malicious links


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Secure Web Gateway

Cloud-based protection for all web requests coming from your network. Point your DNS to us and free yourself from the complexity and overhead of additional proxy servers and on-premise appliances. 

  • Malicious sites are automatically blocked
  • Mobile worker protection with client support
  • Unknown sites are proxied and sandboxed
  • Near zero latency for SSL support 
  • Content filtering with over 100 categories
  • Block, allow and whitelist capabilities


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