Avast Business Network Security Solutions deliver enterprise-grade, cloud-based cybersecurity to protect small and midsize businesses from today’s advanced cyberthreats.

Why choose Avast Business Network Security?

  • Fast, full SSL inspection across all ports and protocols
  • Cost-effective enterprise-level layered network security designed specifically for SMBs and IT service providers
  • Cloud-based security that gives you the power to scale your business without spending more on equipment, staff, or maintenance
  • Always-on protection that is always learning and always updating
  • Easy-to-use, easy to set up solution so you can start delivering total protection immediately
  • Proven technology built on one of the largest, most globally dispersed threat detection networks in the world
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Cloud-Based Secure Internet Gateway (SIG)

Complete next-gen network security in the cloud. 

Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway provides reliable, always-on protection from over 60 threat feeds with 125,000 updates per day synchronized across 150 data centers worldwide to fully protect everyone no matter where they are in the world or how they connect to the internet.

  • No hardware to install, just point your traffic to us to enable immediate enterprise-grade firewall protection
  • Fast SSL decryption with full inspection
  • All traffic inspected across all ports and protocols
  • Cloud sandboxing to analyze suspicious files and URLs in a virtual environment
  • Cloud Firewall, with DPI and granular rules lock down unnecessary traffic and control access across all ports and protocols, network services, and IP addresses
  • Full URL filtering that allows administrators to block requests based on desired settings
  • The world’s largest global firewall network, in partnership with Zscaler
  • Mobile user protection for Windows, Mac and Android operating systems
  • Save money by eliminating hardware appliance refresh schedules, backhaul costs, and IT resources

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Cloud-Based Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Secure Web Gateway provides cloud-based protection for all web requests coming from your managed devices and networks. Just point your DNS to us and free yourself from the complexity and overhead of additional proxy servers and on-premise appliances. Our cloud SWG service, provided in partnership with Zscaler, blocks access to known bad locations on the web. This sterilizes attacks that are active, or trying to become active, on your network.

  • Fast blocking of known bad sites, with over 125,000 cloud updates per day
  • Mobile worker protection with client support
  • Unknown sites are proxied and sandboxed
  • Near zero latency for SSL support eliminates support headaches
  • Content filtering with 30 super-categories, 90 categories
  • Block, Allow and Whitelist capabilities

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Avast Business Cloud-Based Security Platform

Avast Business cybersecurity solutions are easily managed and delivered through CloudCare, our cloud-based security platform. Monitor threats from a single dashboard and easily deploy layered, enterprise-grade security. Use our free remote support tool to connect securely to any device and remotely resolve issues. Additional cybersecurity options within CloudCare include: Cloud Backup, Managed Antivirus, and Email Security Services.

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How Will Next-Gen Cloud-Based Network Security Benefit Your Business, MSP, or MSSP?

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